Free in-n-out at a work event.

Excuse the redness around my nose -.- don’t wear makeup to work.

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Free in-n-out at a work event.

Excuse the redness around my nose -.- don’t wear makeup to work.

Redondo beach

Why do people think health is about size? The point of being healthy is not just to lose weight or stay thin, but also to have clear bright youthful skin, long shiny hair, strong nails, teeth, and bone, to wake up with energy, to feel more focused during the day, to be able to challenge yourself physically and mentally, and to actually enjoy food that’s not only high quality, fresh, good for you, but also tastes a hundred times better!

Sleep is overrated?

Don’t waste your life sleeping is what you will hear a lot in your teens and 20s. I’ll tell you right now that’s bullshit. Instead don’t waste your time losing sleep over anything. I’m not even talking about sleep specifically, more like your physical and mental well being in general. Don’t sacrifice your personal health for school, money, success, don’t waste your time with the wrong people, the wrong guy/girl, don’t sacrifice your own happiness to be something society tells you to be.

Aside from all that, sleep is great, really.

I’m dying

I’m at Starbucks and I wanted to get the small size it’s secret so I say short. And no there really is a short size! And the guy who works there is like um you mean tall? Basically he thought I got confused, but I wasn’t. I then proceeded to crack up the entire time and avoid eye contact and he now thinks I have issues. I’m still cracking up in the corner as I wait for my tea! But no short is a real thing!

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The Highlight of my Week is Always…

Whole Foods shopping

Beach Yoga

Shopping in general


Yes I’ve been bored

Posting a ton of LA pictures now

… So y’all can see how much better and prettier San Francisco is in two weeks when I go home and take new pictures!

Ice tea